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Robin  Schuster Staff Photo

Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology-Troy University 1984

Master of Science degree in Early Childhood Education-Troy University 1992


I have been in the teaching profession for 30 years. It all began years ago when I taught preschool at the Troy State Learning Center. I taught there for 10 years. I loved my job but when an opening came up at Banks, I had to apply! I was fortunate enough to get the job and have been a member of the Banks School Family for 20 years now. I taught K for my first year and have been enjoying first grade ever since. :)


Hi! My name is Robin Fortner and this is my webpage. Amazing, don't you think?? Who ever thought I would be creating a webpage all my own. I am sure those of you who know me well are getting a kick out of this and actually I am too!  I will try my best to keep my site fresh and updated. Being that I am NOT a computer guru, this will be a definite challenge. I promise to give this webpage my best effort but I ask that you be patient with me. I am starting from scratch and have loads to learn. =-)

Here's a little bit about me. I was born and raised in North Palm Beach Florida. I am a Florida girl! Although I don't get there often, I love the beach and all it has to offer. I enjoy long walks along the surf searching for shells. This is a great way for me to relax. I was a competitive swimmer during my youth and I still love to swim. I also enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I am a 'people person!' I adore furry friends too. I have a 'JackRat' furbaby named Maxie Mae.

What do I enjoy the most? Most of all, I enjoy spending time with those who are most important to me! I treasure spending time with my son, Ethan. He is 20 years old so his time with 'Mom' is really not at the top of his list.  :) Therefore, I truly enjoy and cherish the moments we spend together. Ethan is enjoying his job with CGI and he currently lives at home. He continues to make me proud with his talents such as skimboarding, surfing, and more.

I am not married, but I do have a special man in my life. His name is Mike and we compliment each other very well.  He is goofy like me.... I am truly blessed!  :)




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